Spinal strengthening exercises for men and women

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Everyone is looking for spinal health because it is one of the last health concerns prevalent in the modern world. It is known that the spine is exposed to pain and health problems due to the wrong sitting or standing for a long time or sitting a lot in front of a computer screen, and the last reason is the most popular among young people in the current generation, as it is the reason behind spine problems.

And some may resort to solving this problem by practicing a set of exercises to strengthen the spine and regularize it to maintain the health of the spine because spine problems are among the most complex problems, especially after the age of 29 years.

It is one of the main parts of the central nervous system, and the spine may cause a disorder of the entire nervous system and result in many unexpected problems such as pain and numbness in the arms and legs, difficulty controlling movement and breathing. Therefore, we offer you a set of exercises to strengthen the spine.

Benefits of these exercises:

  • These exercises increase blood flow to the back and work on the arrival of oxygen and nutrients needed to build the muscles of the spine.
  • Strengthening the muscles of the spine, which helps reduce pressure on the other bones in the back.
  •  These exercises increase the flexibility of the spinal muscles.
  • These exercises help in maintaining a healthy weight and getting rid of excess weight that leads to back and legs pain.
  • Helps you stay active, improve mental and psychological health, and reduce pain.

Spinal muscle strengthening exercises:

1. Shoulder Expansion:

This exercise is one of the appropriate yoga poses to strengthen the muscles of the spine, in addition to helping to maintain the balance of the body, and you can do it through the following:

Sit on the ground with your right knee bent and your left arm extended so that it is next to your toes and the left knee back so that the entire back muscles are well individualized, as shown in front of you in the picture and stand in this position for a period of about 15 minutes.

2. Opening both arms:

 This exercise is very simple. Because you can do it at home as it does not require a lot of tools to do. All you need is to prepare a small chair and then lie on the ground so that the chair is at the level of the shoulders and then work to open the arms as well as you see.

3. Wall press:

Stand parallel to the wall while working on placing the arms on the wall and then bending the body so that the back is in a straight and completely straight position and pressing on the wall while inhaling and exhaling for 5 times.

4. Fish Pose

Sit with the legs straight in front of you, then put your hands under the seat while working on bending the elbows and leaning on them, then working to raise the chest up so that the back becomes arched and the head tilts down toward the ground a little while taking a deep inhale and exhale for 5 times.

5. Push-ups with the device:

Stand in a push-up position with the feet suspended in the device and lean on the hands while working to raise the body and clap in the air.

6. Rope resistance exercise:

Lie on your back with the feet wrapped with the rope. Hold the other end of the rope in your hands well, then tighten the rope with the arms up and stand for 3 seconds in this position, then work on bending the knees a little.

7. Swiss Ball Roll

Put the palms of your forearms on the Swiss ball and extend the legs behind you and using the arms roll the ball forward and keep the back well straight. Work to continue rolling the ball in front of you until you feel tired.

8. Medicine Ball Raising:

Sit on the bench with the medicine ball between your feet and then work on your feet in front of you so that the body is in a straight position. You can stick to the edge of the bench well to support your balance and then work on bending the knees while raising them well up.

9. Side plank :

Sit on your left arm by placing your forearm on the ground for imbalance. And fix the right arm on your side as you can see in the picture and raise the buttocks a little, where the back of the body rests on the feet while holding this position for 3 seconds.

10. Carrying and throwing the ball:

Lie on the ground while holding the ball in your hands so that the ball is directly above the chest with the feet fixed under something strong to support your balance, for example, you can lie near a brick or concrete wall (wall) and then sit down and throw the ball in front of you until it hits the wall or you can use a friend You throw the ball to him.

11. Planks

Take the normal push-up position while bending the elbows and fixing the forearms on the ground and pressing it well.

12. Sitting weight lifting exercise:

Lie on the ground and sit with the legs in front of you, then work on lifting weights until they reach the level of the chest, stand up a little, and then lift the weights up until the back is completely straight.

Weight Lifting Dishes:

Lie on the ground and then carry the weight plates until they reach the level of the chest with the knees bent about 90 degrees and the upper part of the body is raised and stand in this position for 3 seconds and then go down again to the starting position.

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