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Exercises to get big chest muscles

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There are a variety of exercises you can do to get huge chest muscles that you can try two or three times a week. It is one of the best exercises to build huge chest muscles. These exercises are not as difficult as you think with education and explanation and including them in your daily routine of exercises helps you build a huge chest muscle.

Exercises to build an enlarged chest muscle:

Exercise on the bench with dumbbells:

This exercise helps you generate more energy when lifting the barbell, and dumbbell pressure is necessary to strengthen the chest muscles, and you can learn it easily by lying on the bench and catching the appropriate weights for you and then working to raise the weights a little higher and go down again to the starting point.

Lifting dumbbells on the flat bench:

This exercise helps each side of the body to work independently of the other and thus increases the stability of the muscles as you can lift heavy weight. Lie on the flat bench and grab each dumbbell in your hands, working to raise the dumbbells to the top and then bring them down towards the chest. Work to repeat this on three sets, each set 10 repetitions.

Inclined bar exercise:

If you want to get a huge chest muscle, this exercise enables you to lift more weights as desired. Tilt the angle of the bench complex at an acute angle of about 45 degrees, then hold the weights with a narrow fist, then work on lifting the weights up, then go down with them in the middle, then work on lifting the weights up and down towards the chest. Work to repeat this movement about 15 times.

Chest press exercises:

This exercise is free from lifting weights, but it helps in inflating the front chest muscle. This exercise begins by sitting on the bench machine and holding the arms, then working to push the machine forward to reach the maximum level in front of you and back with the arms again towards the chest.

Dumbbell lifting exercise on an incline bench:

You cannot do this exercise on a fixed bench. You must tilt the bench and choose the appropriate weights for you to be able to lift it higher. Grasp the dumbbells in your hands and work to raise the dumbbells forward and then lower the arms again. You can repeat this movement about 10 times.

Parallel diving:

The diving exercise focuses on the chest muscles, and you must make sure that you take the correct exercise position by holding the handles of the device and raising the body upwards with bending the knees, then working to lower the body and bring it down until the chest is parallel to the ground. After that, work to climb again to return to the starting point.

Cable flutter exercise on the bench:

This exercise is one of the best exercises that you can do to get big chest muscles, because it helps to contract the muscles. At first, tilt the corner of the bench seat, then lie down on the bench, hold the cables, and pull the arms forward so that you join the chest muscles together so that the cables are pulled and the hands become together. You will get good results in strengthening the upper chest muscle.

Butterfly exercise with dumbbells:

After practicing this exercise regularly, you can get an enlarged chest muscle continuously because the exercise focuses on the chest muscles completely. Lie down on a flat bench, then work on holding the dumbbells between your hands, and then open the arms next to you and then return the arms to the starting position next to the chest. Do this about 10 times.

push up :

One of the simplest exercises that you can do and get good results without having to lift weights. You can take the position of the push-up exercise by lying on the ground and raising the body with the toes and arms up, then go down again to the starting position and make sure to do 20 push-ups to get good results.

7 exercises to strengthen the chest muscles and build a strong shape for them for beginners

All men are looking for the best exercises that work to strengthen the chest muscle, because it gives beauty and attractiveness to the body. Therefore, we have collected a set of exercises that improve the shape of the chest muscles for beginners.

1- Push-ups:

Take the appropriate position by placing the feet and hands on the ground so that the face is facing the ground and the body is in a state of stretching and straight from the neck to the foot. After that, press and go down to the ground by bending the arms and approaching the chest from the ground, then gradually return to the starting point.

You can repeat this exercise on three sets of 10 repetitions each, focusing on the individual back well and slowly lowering yourself.

2- Cable stretching exercises to strengthen the chest muscles:

Determine the length of the cable so that it is opposite the head and then pull the cable with the hands towards each other while keeping the elbows not bent. Try to repeat the pressure on the chest muscles for a second or two.

You can repeat this exercise for three or four sets of 10 times each.

3- Flutter exercise on the device:

This exercise aims to strengthen the lateral and medial chest muscles. Choose the appropriate weight for you, then sit on the device and move your hands until you reach close to each other and press on the chest muscles and do one set consisting of 15-20 times.

4- Press exercise on a fixed bench with dumbbells:

Lie on a fixed bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Then raise the dumbbells to the maximum movement and stand for a fixed second with your arms well raised until working to put pressure on the muscles and go down with the dumbbells until they are at a distance between the dumbbells and the chest about 2.5 cm and start lifting again.

5- Spider-Man push-up:

Stand on the extremities by placing the hands on the ground, and keeping the ankles straight while tightening the abdominal muscles as much as possible. When going down, raise one knee and stand for a second before raising the body up again and switching between the knees.

Repeat this exercise for 5 sets, each set 10 times, for 90 seconds.

6- Cable Cross (Butterfly):

This exercise aims to strengthen the upper and lower chest muscle and has a good effect on inflating the chest muscle, improving the upper chest and burning the fat in the lower chest muscles.

Adjust the rollers to the height you want and to achieve better results, the length should be medium so that the chest muscles are well pressed. Then pull the rollers well until your hands are close to each other and press on the chest muscles.

7. Forward Dip

It is one of the most difficult exercises that beginners can do to strengthen the chest muscles, especially the triceps muscle, and thus stimulate the activity of the chest muscles.

You can do this exercise yourself or with the help of one of the people in the gym to determine the right place and the correct weights, and the weights belt is often tied around the middle. And people who suffer from any health problems in the shoulder and start with a simple movement to reduce the pain.

Stand in the parallel attachment device and press it with the ankles to rise and raise the weights in the iron belt until it reaches the highest level and gradually return to the starting point again.

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