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Cardio exercises for men Increase body energy + strengthen muscles

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Cardio exercises are the ideal solution to get stronger muscles, build body energy and burn fat. You can resort to the cardio device, as it is one of the best devices that help you increase your fitness level. This is because it is easy to use and relies on traditional and familiar movements of the body in addition to the high level of security when accessing this device, especially for novice exercisers. But it is not wise to do the entire exercise on the device, you need a solid plan to help you build strong muscles, strengthen bones, burn fat, and boost energy.

Determining a set of goals when using the cardio device to get rid of boredom when exercising and knowing the goals that have not been met. An exercise expert says that the device you use doesn’t matter as much as how you use it so you can achieve your fitness goals. When you use the cardio machine wisely, it can provide you with many of the physiological functions normally associated with lifting weights such as increasing strength and energy. People of all experience and skill levels say the wrong thing about using a cardio machine to perform cardio is when sticking to the same routine day in and day out. This habit is not boring but eventually it will become ineffective.

A set of effective cardio exercises are designed and experts recommend doing them at different speeds, inclines, and at different intervals to reap the benefits of strength. You may not win weightlifting competitions with bike exercises, but you can build strong leg muscles and burn fat. While doing the exercises on the cardio machine, listen to your body and follow your heart. You will feel good after performing the exercise.

Cardio exercises

Excess cardio exercises:

The Alex Viada Cardio Machine helps you do the following exercises to burn fat, build muscle, and boost energy using the equipment in your gym or at home. You can do one or more of these exercises two or three times a week. Rotating the cardio machine targets a variety of muscles. You can apply these exercises to any device you want, whether trying the elliptical device, the stepper. You will notice that Viada does not limit the speed on the treadmill, the resistance on the bike, or the wattage on the rower. Instead, he advises your body to direct your efforts. For example, a speed of 6 mph will make you feel like you are jogging in a race. So, adjust the machine according to your exercise goals.

Cardio exercises to build energy:

Sprints aim to do a challenging set of exercises at explosive speeds and comfortable rest periods.

1. Cardio exercise, electric treadmill exercise:

Before exercising, warm up by walking for five minutes at a 2% incline.

The performance of the first group over eight rounds:

  •  Walk for 30 seconds at an 8% incline, increase the speed to moderate and suitable for jogging. Next, take big steps on your toes to complete the long steps.
  • Walk for 60 seconds at a 2% incline until the slope becomes suitable for walking.

Cardio performance of the second group in eight rounds:

  •  Walk for 20 seconds at a 10% incline to set the pace and for you you need to take a pace and take short, choppy steps.
  • Walk for 70 seconds at a 2% incline until it is easy to walk.
  • At the bottom of each run, carefully take each step on the treadmill and perform a 20-second lunge jump as fast as you can, then lower to make it easier to walk for 5 minutes.

2. Stationary bike exercise:

Before doing the exercise, you need to warm up on the pedal for six minutes on a low cycle.

Performing the first round in six rounds:

  • Rotate the pedal 60 times for every 30 seconds, there will be heavy resistance from the pedal but try to maintain your stability in the seat.
  • Doing 80 laps in 90 seconds, it will become easier to spin at low resistance.

The performance of the second group in six rounds:

Doing 70 laps in 20 seconds, you will encounter very stiff resistance and need to get on the pedals and get out of your seat.

Doing 80 laps in 70 seconds, it’s easy to get low resistance in the saddle. Low resistance can last up to five minutes.

3. Rowing Machine

  • Warm up by practicing rowing at a distance of 500 metres. You may select the appropriate level of resistance for you in order to avoid any injuries.
  • Sit upright for 15 reps:
  • The exercise begins by holding the rebound belt and pushing back with the feet close together until the rebound belt reaches a level close to the chest, then go back to the front again and repeat the exercise in the correct way.
  • Do the rebound belt tension for 20 seconds, then 100 seconds of easy tension. Then calm down gradually in order to relax

Cardio and strength building exercises:

These exercises focus on moderate efforts and pace that maintain your heart rate, so you need to pay attention to your heart rate while doing the exercise.

1. Cardio and electric treadmill:

Warm up for five minutes and tilt 2%.

The performance of the first group in four rounds:

  • Walk for 60 seconds at a 10% incline, lunge on the treadmill at slow speed, then control and hold onto the bars for balance.
  • Normal walking for 2 minutes at a 2% incline

The performance of the second group in six rounds:

  • Adjust your sprinting speed until it is easy to run for 40 seconds at an 8% incline. Carefully take a step on the treadmill and perform a squat session and a step back on the machine.
  • Then walk for 80 seconds at a 2% mile and it becomes easier to walk.

2. Cardio and stationary bike:

Warm up on the pedal for six minutes on a low cycle.

 The performance of the first group over five rounds:

  •  Press the pedal for 60 seconds to do 70 revolutions. You should feel the challenge doing the movement for 30 seconds.
  •  Work 80 revolutions in 2 minutes as the wheel rotates at low resistance.

The performance of the second group in four rounds:

Do 60 revolutions in 50 seconds and the pedal resistance becomes stiff and you could slip out of your seat.

Walk for 10 seconds at low resistance speed and then do 80 revolutions in 60 seconds so that the pedal is at low resistance.

3. Rowing:

Warm up by pulling for 500 metres, starting at a low pace, and then relaxing.

 Perform ten rounds of this exercise:

Pull the rebound belt vigorously for 40 seconds at a constant speed, then exit the machine to perform the pressure ten times and then return again to the rowing machine and pull for 90 seconds.

Cardio and how to do the rowing machine exercise?

  • Sit in a straight position on the rowing machine so that the back and shoulders are at the same level.
  • Measure the length of the device according to the length of the body and make an extension of the foot so that the feet are correctly installed on the footrest in the device.
  • Grab the recoil belt to push the body back with the back bent forward and the feet close together. To tighten the recoil belt by the arms until the arms are at chest level.
  • Try to go forward again and then do the exercise in the right way until all the muscles of the body work properly and you notice an increase in the heart rate.

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