A group of morning exercises for men with pictures to tighten muscles

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You should start your day with five minutes of morning exercise. This routine helps you activate the muscles and provides the body with many benefits:

Benefits of morning exercises: 

Productivity improvement:

Exercising in the morning increases your productivity because it increases the level of endorphins, thus raising the level of concentration in the body, increasing energy and raising the mood for 4-10 hours after exercise.
Diet improvement:

Morning exercise helps you burn more calories and encourages you to start eating healthy foods.

Supporting the metabolism:

One of the benefits of exercising in the morning is to burn calories and maintain an increased metabolic level throughout the day.

sleep improvement

Studies have shown that men and women who exercise regularly in the morning help them sleep better in the evening and relax the body.

Increase brain power:

It has been proven that exercising in the morning increases mental focus for up to ten hours, so it is recommended to practice morning exercises before going to work.

Weight loss :

The morning is the perfect time to exercise for you because it helps you reduce the amount of food you eat throughout the day and the body will work to burn calories better and faster.

Get more energy:

Morning exercises build muscle, burn more calories, and treat poor sleep.

Morning exercises:

Upper body workout:

Lie on the bed and straighten the body well with the arms straight until you reach the top of the head and take a deep breath three times and relax well.

Exercising straightening the knee until it reaches the chest:

Bring one knee up to your chest and keep the other leg bent. Do not try to raise your head or knee while taking a deep breath three times to achieve relaxation. This exercise helps you straighten the muscles of the buttocks and lower back and repeat it with the opposite knee.

Hamstring stretches:

Raise one leg in a comfortable position for you and keep the other leg bent on the bed and take three deep breaths. This exercise helps you to stretch the hamstrings and repeat it 10 times for each knee.

Raising the knees to the chest:

You can raise the knees until you reach your chest and do not try to raise your head while doing this while holding this position for 5 seconds and taking a deep breath three times to work on the individual muscles of the buttocks and lower back.

knee wrap:

Rotate the knees to one side and then gradually return to the other side while keeping the shoulders steady and take a deep breath three times and repeat it 10 times.

Stem Rotation:

Sit on the bed with the feet parallel and rotate the upper body to one side without moving the hips. You can repeat this six to eight times on each side and take a deep breath. This exercise increases the flexibility of the lower back muscles.

Chest muscles:

Raise the shoulders back with the hands on the hips and push the chest forward a little and then go back once and take a deep breath for 3-4 times in order to relax the chest muscles.

Stretching the upper back muscles:

Sit on the bed and put the feet next to each other while working to join the arms together and straighten them in front of you well to the maximum distance and take a deep breath three times.

Hamstring stretches:

Sit in a straight position with the feet well spread and bend the upper part of the body until the chest reaches the thighs while keeping the back in a straight position and take a deep breath three times and then relax. This exercise stretches the hamstrings.

Walking with one leg:

You can walk with one leg for 30 seconds and raise the heel to the buttocks with the elbows bent and keep the head fixed and walk in this position for 30 seconds and then switch with the other foot.


Sit on the bed so that the feet are parallel to the shoulder and gradually lower yourself until you reach a comfortable position for you with the arms out in front of you. Do this movement 10 times.

Side muscle individual:

Put one of your hands on the buttocks and move the left leg in front of the right leg and raise your right arm up and hold this position for 3 seconds.

Forward bend:

Bend until your waist so that the chest becomes close to the thighs and keep the legs and back straight and hold this position for 3 seconds and take a deep breath. This exercise works to stretch the hamstrings.

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